Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI's)

Sexually transmitted infections are serious business - they often can and do cause very serious and in some cases potentially fatal health consequences if they go untreated. Often those who are infected do not realize they are and have no symptoms (asymptomatic). Having an STI can make it easier to contract and transmit HIV.


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Condoms and Other Bodily Fluid Control Methods for preventing the spread of STI's

Simply put, the purpose of fluid control methods is to prevent bodily fluids from going where you don't them to go. These methods (Condoms, dental dams, etc) are quite effective in preventing the spread of most STI's. These control methods don't have to slow you down or dampen the mood. Be creative, you can make them sexy. Make it hot. Get Kinky.


What is it made of? Condoms are made of either latex, polyurethane or polyisoprene. Dental dams are latex. Plastic wrap is a type of plastic. Why do you need to know this? Because not all materials work with all kinds of lube. Example; you should never use petroleum-based lubes with latex. Petroleum-based lubes will break down latex and can cause the latex to break. Polyurethane/Polyisoprene and latex feel different. Experiment with both and see which feels best for you (and your partners) pleasure.

Latex is not always the best choice for everyone. Some people are allergic to latex, even the powder mixed with latex on non-lubed condoms or gloves can become airborne and trigger a reaction in a person who has an allergy to latex. Another important note is, if you start to develop a reaction to latex it is best to minimize your contact with latex. A person can develop an allergy to latex at any time in their life and the reaction to latex can worsen over time.

Keep 'em fresh! Check the expiration date. Don't keep condoms in your wallet or in your car - heat, freezing cold and extended exposure to moisture (humidity) will break down latex condoms. Microscopic holes can develop in latex long before you can see a hole or a rip.  These holes although microscopic may become large enough for a virus like HIV to pass through during sex. If you have any doubts about how old or what exposure your condom has had, play it safe and throw it out. Get a new one!


Whether your rimming, eating ass or tonguing a female's front hole it is smart to use a dental dam. What is a dental dam, you ask? A dental dam is a small square of latex. However, you can use non-microwaveable plastic wrap from your kitchen, or a condom cut length wise. You can even cut a latex glove in half and cut off the fingers. Plastic wrap has the advantage of being able to use a piece as large as you choose. Also, plastic wrap can be bought in different colours, just to make it more fun!


It may sound stupid, but condoms only work if you use them right! Know how to put on a condom! You can always practice at home by yourself. Better yet, practice on that hot hunk you just brought home. A drop of lube inside the tip of the condom increases sensation to the head of the cock (whether you're fucking or sucking). When you roll it on, make sure to pinch the tip to keep out air, this will allow room for your cum. If you are using a polyurethane condom, some guys find they like to use more lube than they would with a latex condom. If you cum, pull out soon, making sure you hold the ring at the end of the condom to make sure it doesn't slip off inside your partner; there are some gifts you just don't want to leave behind.


The 'other condom' is the female (or non-insertive) condom, but they ain't just for women anymore. A better way to think of them is as th 'innie' condom verses the male 'outtie' or 'insertive' condom. These condoms can be used for anal sex. It's basically a polyurethane or nitrile sheath with two rings.  The outer ring stays outside of the anus and holds the condom in place. It is recommended that you take the inner ring out for ass fucking, and simply pushing the condom inside with fingers and lube, or putting it on the dick for insertion. You might want to practice or play around with this until you get the feel of it. Never use a combine a tradional 'outtie or insertive' condom with with an 'innie or non-insertive' condom - the friction can cause one or both condoms to rip. When you are done, remove the condom by gently grasping the outer ring, twisting, and pulling it out. Even though these are a bit more expensive, and not latex, they're single use when used for anal sex. Never reuse any condom!