'M2M' is an acronym that you may find on the internet or hear in passing and not be sure what it means.  It is short for 'male to male' or 'man to man'. This is a huge category that includes a wide range of people - men who identify as gay, bisexual or transgender are included in this group as well as men who do not identify in any of these ways but simply enjoy the pleasures of having sex with other men (MSM). If you fall anywhere in this category - if a rock hard smooth or bearish hairy body turns you on: this is the site for you.

Because this is a broad category of men this site will try to answer questions for anyone within the group and is accepting of all types of men. Please be aware that you will see information on this site that may be directed to certain groups of men but may not be relevant to you. Our hope is that the site will provide information that you will find useful. If you see something missing that you feel should be included let us know by emailing: M2M@aidsdurham.com

This website will help offer you ways to make your play safer and fun.

This site contains mature subject matter and may not be considered suitable for minors. It is an information/educational site not a pornographic site.

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