Store-brought lubes are generally water, silicone, or petroleum based. Some kitchen and household products that have traditionally been used as sex lube include: Crisco and vegetable oils.  Some lubes are thicker than others, some more slippery, but they all work to make inserting your dick easier for you and your partner. But there are some important things to consider:

Petroleum based lubes like eating latex as much (or more) than you like eating your partner. However, petroleum based lubes work fine with polyurethane, polyisoprene condoms and plastic wrap.

Remember, for latex condoms or dental dams use a water-based lube!  NOT Petroleum based!

Petroleum jelly (Vaseline), mineral oil, baby oil and some commercial lubes are petroleum based. Read the label carefully when buying lube so you get the right lube.

Silicon-based lubes can be used on all types of condoms, latex and polyurethane/polyisoprene.  ** But you DON'T want to use silicon-based lubes with insertable silicone toys, as the silicon will break down the toys.

Crisco (vegetable shortening) is popular for fisting because it is thick and you can push it ahead of your fist in the rectum. Crisco is oil based and will break down latex, especially when friction is added to hot and tight places. The use of a non-latex glove is better to use with this type of lube when fisting. While a number of fisters double glove with latex and check often for breakdown of the gloves during a scene, remember that latex breaks down fast with oil based lubes. Microscopic holes that can let STI's (including HIV) pass through them can happen before any signs of problems with the latex or being seen by the naked eye. Rancid smells can develop with improper clean up of Crisco and other 'natural' lube types and can cause a variety of infections. It is best to stick with water based lubes. Also, any lubes that 'heat up' as you use them can be great on your skin, but inside your ass can be quite painful and may lead to a fast end of a great fuck.

Astro-Glide vs. KY Jelly.  Astro-Glide stays slippery longer than KY Jelly. KY Jelly was produced for clinical uses such as inserting a rectal thermometre. KY was not designed for sex, even though people use it for sex.

A dab will do ya. Remember, a drop of lube on the penis before putting on the condom will make it feel more like you're not wearing a condom. You'll notice the difference in sensitivity when you add that dab to the head!

One other important warning applies to sex lubes: Avoid anything that contains the spermacide nonoxynol-9. According to the Centers for Disease Control (USA), "Studies have shown that N-9 can cause genital lesions and damage to the rectal lining, providing a possible entry point for HIV and other (sexually transmitted infections)."

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